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Diagnose A Problem

1. Leather feels sticky
2. Leather peeling off
3. Cleaned & colour come off
4. Leather changed colour
5. Leather tear getting worse
6. Tear along seam
7. Bubble in leather
8. Spillage on leather
9. Cracked/Brittle leather
10. Leather stretched/Creased
11. Can’t clean leather
12. Ink on leather
13. Dark patch on leather
14. Seats uncomfortable
Diagnose a problem
1. Leather feels sticky

Leather feels sticky

WHAT (is this)
When leather feels tacky and you stick to it – In most cases the top protection finish has worn off.

WHY (does this occur)
This problem occurs with furniture that is usually over a year old. Also a chemical transferred from clothes or just in the air (Air fresheners) can result in a tacky leather surface. Most common with “Bi-cast” hides, which are usually brown. (They can turn dark with patches on the problematic areas.)

HOW (to rectify)
We have successfully resolved this problem on many occasions. In most cases a cheaper option is to resurface the leather. This involves stripping back the top surface and then applying a durable, flexible pigment colour matched to the existing surrounding leather panels. Alternatively the affected leather panels can be replaced with brand new colour/aged matched leather.


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